Breathing healthy air is an important aspect of your well-being. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offers complete Air Scrubber services for homeowners in Whittier, NC.

An air scrubber is designed to clean the air of contaminants and impurities that find their way into your home. The Air Scrubber Plus attaches to the ducting system and provides a high level of contaminant removal. Family members with respiratory issues will thank you for installing air scrubbing equipment in your home.

Let us know you want more information about the selection of devices we have available.

No matter where you live in Whittier, we’re available to serve your Indoor Air needs. We’re located near the intersection of US 441 and Bended Knee Drive. The scrubbing devices we recommend are ideal for use in homes where cigarette smoke, pet hair, and fireplaces are present. These devices also remove mold and pollen and can greatly reduce chemicals floating in your air.